Giantz Electric Clean Water Pump

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3300L/H | Qb80 | Copper Motor
This Pump Is Ideal For Pool Pumping, Increasing The Water Pressure In A Pipe, Garden Sprinkling, Irrigation Or Cleaning. It Has A Reliable Rust-Resistant Brass Impeller And A 55L/Min Maximum Flow Rate. Delivery Head Of 60 Metres And Suction Up To 8 Metres. This Pump Is Simple To Install And Easy To Use. No Need Of Sophisticated Knowledge Of Pumping But Just A Little Imagination Of How Much You Can Do With It. It Will Pump Up The Water In No Time.

* Powerful 750W, 3300L/H, 60M Head Model
* Superior Rust-Resistant Brass Impeller
* Highly Conductive And Low Heat Generation Copper Motor
* Low Consumption But High Flow
* Easy Operation And Maintenance
* Built To Last Cast Iron Construction
* Ceramic And Carbon Mechanical Seal
* Compliance To Au Standard
* Low Noise Level Operation
* 12 Month Warranty
* Ideal For Pool Pumping, Garden Sprinkling, Irrigation, Cleaning, Home Water Supply And More
* Voltage/ Frequency: 220~240V/ 50Hz
* Impeller: Brass
* Power: 1Hp/ 750W
* Motor Wire: Copper
* Flow Rate: 3300L//Hour (55L/Min)
* Max Head: 60M
* Inlet/Outlet: 1 Inch
* Suction: 8M
* Speed: 2900R/Min
* Protection: Ip44

Package Contents
1 X Pump Qb80