Giantz 12V Rechargeable Cordless Grease Gun - Black

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12V Rechargeable Cordless Grease Gun - Black

The Gun Delivers Maximum Pressure And Versatility, Offering Up To 7500Psi Operating Pressure And A High Volume Pumping Rate Of 50G/Min To Dispense Precise Amounts Of Grease. Additionally,Features Include A Large Grease Reservoir Capacity Of 400G In Its Smooth Aluminium Cartridge, A Flexible 76Cm Hose For Hard-To-Reach Grease Fittings And A Durable Storage Case For Easy Carry And Keeping. Using The Grease Gun Is Convenient And Hassle-Free And Is Absolutely Suitable For Use In A Variety Of Machines And Vehicles.


* 12V Grease Gun
* Large Capacity Cartridge
* Powerful Motor
* Up To 7500 Psi
* Flexible Hose
* High-Volume Pump Pushes
* Up To 50G/Min High Flow
* Durable Storage Case
* Two Rechargeable Batteries


* Charger Input Power: 230 Vac
* Battery Output Power: 12V
* Battery Capacity: 1500 Ma/H
* Battery Pack Charge Time: 1H
* Maximum Operating Pressure: 7,000Psi (+/-500Psi)
* Grease Reservoir Capacity: 400G (14.5Oz)
* Flow Rate: 50G/Min
* Hose Length: 30&Rsquo;&Rsquo;/76Cm
* Power Plug: Australian Standard

Package Content:

1 X 12V Grease Gun
2 X Ni-Cd 1500Mah Batteries
1 X Battery Charger
1 X Cartridge Barrel
1 X Hose And Nozzle
1 X Carry Case
1 X Manual