Devanti 34L Portable Convection Oven - Blackstainless Steel Door Frame

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Devanti 34L Portable Convection Oven - Blackstainless Steel Door Frame


Here’s a convection oven that has everything you ever wanted in an oven and more. That’s because the Devanti Convection Oven lets you boil, steam, fry, bake, grill, cook and roast from just one simple unit. Amazing is one simple word to describe it.

First up, the portable Oven comes with two hot plates on top. Great for boiling, steaming or even stir frying. Imagine a conventional oven trying to do that – it simply can’t be done. Open the stainless steel tempered glass door (which also doubles as a handy viewing window) and you have a generous 34-litre cooking space that lets you bake, roast and grill your favourite recipes to perfection. Assisted in no small way by the four heating elements that ensure top and bottom even heating for energy-efficient and thorough cooking.

Operating the Oven is a breeze with easy-to-use dials for hot plates, heating element selection, and temperature and timer control. And with its wide cooking temperature range from 100°C to 230°C, the Oven is versatile enough to suit various cooking conditions. From baking your preferred breads to roasting sumptuous roasted pork belly to baking delicious pies and desserts.

The Oven is also designed to ensure heat is dissipated effectively while the powerful built-in fan distributes hot air in the most efficient way possible. Not least, this wonderful, value-for-money Convection Oven also comes with bonus accessories such as a baking tray, wire rack, tray handle and rotisserie and rack for even more cooking options. Now, how can you not love this Devanti Convection Oven to bits? Hungry already?

34L large capacity
Stainless steel door frame
Heat-resistant tempered glass door
Large viewing window
Four stainless steel heating tubes
Top and base heating tubes
Indicator lights
100°C ~ 230°C temperature range
60 minutes timer with alarm
Bonus accessories: Baking tray, wire rack, tray handle, rotisserie and rack
Note: Hot plate and oven function need to be used separately

Voltage: AC 220~240V
Oven: 1500W
Large hot plate: 1000W
Small hot plate: 600W
Hot plates diameter: 15.5cm and 19cm
Overall dimensions: 50 x 32 x 29cm
Weight: 6.5kg
Colour: Black

Package Content
1 x Convection Oven
1 x User Manual
1 x Baking Tray
1 x Wire Rack
1 x Rotisserie
1 x Rotisserie Rack