Electric Fence Stainless Steel Wire Poly Tape Roll - 200M

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Suitable for temporary or permanent fencing of sheep, cattle and pigs, this Poly-tape is a composite of poly twine combined with stainless steel wires, for excellent strength and conductivity. A red edging on the poly twine also provides a high level of visibility for your fence line.

High conductivity: With five stainless-steel wires this electric fence tape provides a high level of conductivity, making it an excellent choice for use with high or low powered batteries. Plus with UV-stabilization, this twine offers a longer lifetime making it an ideal choice.
* Red and White high visibility colours
* Compatible with fence energiser
* 5 strands of stainless steel wire
* Width: 12mm
* U.V stabilized
* High Grade Polyethylene
* High conductivity wire

* 1 x 200m roll